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Abandoned - Glovertown Mill

Alright kiddo's!  This was a day trip that took planning - and for outsiders of the community, it took some backtracking and exploring to find.  But, we made it.  We finally got to see the abandoned Glovertown Mill. I love abandoned sites!!  Exploring warms my cold, mystery-loving, horror-reading heart :)

The story of the Glovertown Mill is pretty interesting. The massive mill was strategically built in Glovertown, near a large river as it was planed to be a thriving pulp and paper mill.  It was expected that this mill would be open and operational in 1922.  However, not all plans go as scheduled. And this mill is an example of plans changing.

The owning company, Terra Nova Sulphite Company, ran into financial problems when the Newfoundland Government denied their loan guarantee - ultimately shutting down this project - full stop.  In 1921 the mill was purchased by Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company.  The new owners determined that the mill was too small, not feasible, and ultimately the mill did not open. The  building remains standing to this day.

Today, people camp on the river, walk the trails around the mill, and there are hidden geocaches to be found.  We searched and searched, but we weren't able to locate the geocaches during this visit.  I did, however, discover that I'm the wasp whisper and was chased a few times by a determined stinging beast.  No one else who was onsite, including my hubby who was trying to bat at the wasp to get it away from me were chased - only me (insert eye roll lol).

Thanks again for reading about our adventures.

Later Days,


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