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Maternity Leave - thus far

Life with a newborn is busy, but honestly - I thought that I would be busier. The weather this Fall has been amazing! It's making is easier to get out with the little guy - walking, shopping, playgroup and movies. There is so much to do and it's how I break up the days.

We're grateful that there is a family resource center close by that has free drop-in activities for infants, toddlers and up. Meeting new moms who have a little one close to the age of mine is fantastic. Aside from socializing with other adults (which you miss when not going to work daily), you get to ask questions, share experiences, and get to know people that you may be seeing throughout the school year when the littles are older. 

And, our movie theater has baby and parent movies every week. There are two new movie offerings each Wednesday morning, and the movie starts at a decent time - which allows time to get me and the little ready for the day and out the door. 

Maternity leave here in Canada is usually 12-18 months. So, I believe that finding something fun to do to break up the time is important both of us. 

That's all for now, Mom duties are needed.

Later days,


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