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And here we go!

This is it.  The first post.  I'll start this blog with a day trip.

If myself and hubby have a day off together, and it's sunny, there is a good chance that we are planning a road trip.  Today's agenda - historical Brigus for lunch at Sea Salt and Thyme (gastropub & B&B), then to New Harbour/Trinity Bay to see Hopeall Falls.

This was our fourth attempt to eat at Sea Salt and Thyme (  Living a little drive away, our schedules and their hours of operation kept clashing.  And, then there was that one time that the gastropub was closed for an event (sigh). But, finally!  Here we were, ordering their infamous touton burger. The burger patty itself was homemade, the bun was a touton, and it was served with fresh veggie toppings (not included on mine - onions) and homemade taters. It was delicious and certainly held up to it's reputation :)

Hopeall Falls use to be a camping (tents only from what I can see) park, that is still open to hi…