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Rewind Tour - 2018

We've been having a few throwback tours hitting the island in the past few years.  This year's tour being The Rewind Tour - and it didn't disappoint!

I'll take this post back to last year when we attended the first throwback tour - I Love The 90's tour.  This concert was amazing!  Heading the show was Salt-n-Peppa. And other acts included Rob Base, Color Me Badd, All-4-One, one member of the C&C Music Factory, Biz Markie and Young MC. The attending crowd could be spotted around the town quite easily before and after the concert as most concert-goers were dawning neon from head to toe, crimped big hair, and other 90's fashions.

While the music was fantastic at the I Love The 90's tour, I was disappointed that there was no merchandise for sale. I believe here is where I raise my hand and admit that I have a concert t-shirt collection, right?  I had my heart set on adding a Salt-N-Peppa t-shirt to my collection.

Well, this year, the concert folks learned a…

October Staycation

This past week my hubby and I had a staycation.  We love Fall - and it's for this reason that we always take a week or so off to enjoy it.

During our week off we gorged on Little Caesars Stuffed Crazy Bread and Cinnamon rolls (nom nom nom carbs lol). Purchased a few new aquarium inhabitants, including 3 snails, 3 Odessa Barbs, 3 Skirt Tailed Tetra Glowfish, and a Kheli Loach. So far, one of the Tinfoil Barbs has tried to immediately pick up and eat the loach, and tried to pull a snail off the glass of the aquarium. We are doing fish counts daily until the Tinfoil Barbs lose interest.

We also took a drive through Swift Current to Marystown to do some sightseeing.

Along this route are a few lookouts.  We did stop at one of them, however, the binoculars that were stationed here were broken (maybe sandblasted by the wind sweeping over the area?)

There seems like there is nothing special about this area.  But, this is the only area of this stretch with boulders- the rest is windswept pl…


Last year my hubby and I discovered Geocaching.  I can hear the questions now - What is Geocaching?  It's looking for hidden containers using the Geocaching app on your phone (connects to phones location).  That's right.  You're looking for Tupperware (usually, but can be other containers - see pic below) in the woods using your expensive Smartphone.  It's so much fun and it brings you to locations that you typically wouldn't visit.  And, the Geocachers are a bunch of potterheads - so the terms used in the geocache comments include "muggle", meaning non-geocachers (people) and "preforming magic" meaning locating/retrieving the geocache.

(This post contains affiliated links.  Meaning that I may collect a share of the sales or other compensation from the Amazon links on this page with no extra cost to you.)

This cartridge container was the only one like this that we found.  It was well hidden from muggle view, but a relativity easy find with the ge…

Stephen King Collection

Hello readers!

Today I introduce you to my Stephen King collection.  Recently I set up my new shelf and I've had fun organizing all my scary reads,
and some of my Funko Pop collection.

(We still need to move the wall decor from behind the shelf)
Back in the Spring I decided that I wanted to start collecting the hard cover versions of the Stephen King novels.  And since I've made that decision I have found very little of his works second hand.  So, most of my collection is paperback, and bought new.  Sharing this shelf, for the time being, is the Lars Kepler - Hypnotist series, which I won't get into here.
Out of my collection, this is what I've read: - Gerald's Game - Pet Sematary - 'Salem's Lot - Mr. Mercedes - The Stand (missing from shelf...where is this one?!?)
Not read: - Dolores Claiborne  - Bag Of Bones - IT - Outsider - End of Watch - Finders Keepers - Cell - Just After Sunset - Storm of the Centry
Read, but do not own: - Different Seasons - Revival

Favorite October Movies & TV Shows

This is going to be short - but sweet - post.

Top list of favorite October movies (yay for horror movie season!)
- Halloween (the series)
- Nightmare on Elm Street (the series)
- I Know What You Did Last Summer (the series)
- Cabin Fever
- Incidious
- The Conjuring (the series to-date)
- The Exorcist
- Scream (the series)
- Blair Witch
- Sinister

TV Movies (non-horror):
- Halloweentown (the series)
- Coraline
- Beetlejuice
- Hocus Pocus
- The Craft
- The Addams Family (both)

TV Shows:
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Halloween episodes & the Gentlemen episode)
- Are You Afraid of the Dark
- Goosebumps
- Simpsons (Treehouse of Horror)
- Rosanne (Halloween episodes)
- Freaky Stories
- Tales from the Crypt

Note: Nightmare Before Christmas is not listed here because it is a "November movie". I mean, a movie to be watched between Halloween and Christmas.

And that's a wrap.

Later Days,

Top 100 One-hit Wonders (collab with Just Being Andie)

Andy, from Just Being Andy, and I have been talking about doing a collaborative post for a few months now.  So, it's time that we pulled the trigger on that thought. Here is out first collab post!

(Picture by Pixabay)
Here we reacted to each artist featured in the video, Top 100 One-Hit Wonders Ever, by Isiajno on Youtube.  My responses are below, and Andy's can be found here on her blog - Just Being Andie.
Fool’s Garden – Lemon Tree ·Can’t say that I know this one.We’re off to a great start (lol) Alannah Myles – Black Velvet ·I discovered this one about 10 years ago and it’s been on my play list ever since.I love this song!! Big Mountain – Baby, I love your way ·I can’t believe that I don’t have this song on my Google Play Thumbs Up list.What’s wrong with my life?*Goes and adds to list* Donna Lewis – I love you always forever ·I love this song! And I remember when it was released.I had the tape – yes, not CD, tape of this album. Midnight Oil – Beds are burning. ·I remember this so…

October Bucket List

It's the most wonderful time of the year - Fall!!  Yay for horror movie season & Halloween!! So, in light of this, here is my October Bucket List:

Hike La Manche Village (Tors Cove) section of the East Coast Trail - swinging suspension bridge!Drink my weight in seasonal latte'sCheck out Pumpkinfest at Lester's FarmCompete in the family pumpkin carving contestAttend Hallowe'en Haunted Hike (Bonus: attending the Ghost tales and Port!)See new Halloween movie opening week (Movie Trailer) Not get sick (it's becoming a tradition now)Couple's costume!Attend Christmas at the Glacier (largest vender fair leading to Christmas)

Photo Creds: La Manche - Tiptoeing Through Pumpkin Spice Latte - Starbucks Pumpkinfest - Lester's Farm Market Pumpkin - Personal Pic Cartoon Storyteller - Haunted Hike Halloween - Monsters & Critics Sick - Quote Prism Couple Costume (not what we are planning on doing ;)) - 50 Last Minute Costumes Christmas at the Glacier - Personal Pic

September Obsessions

The month of September flew past so quickly.  It's like I blinked and it went from Summer to Fall - all of a sudden the temperatures dropped and the sun started going down earlier in the evening. So, reflecting back, here are some of the things that I've been obsessed with this month.

Latte's (pumpkin spice and chai)Wool BlanketsSweatersNetflix How to get away with MurderAfflictedBones (season 9 - which was removed on Sept 16, before I was done watching the season)

Photo creds:
Alex Tim - blur-caffeine-close-up-754958
Lela Johnson - basket-blankets-chairs-295212
Daria Shevtsova - abstract-art-casual-1030946
Pixabay - app-entertainment-ipad-265685

These 4 things bring me from Summer to Fall in that they involve being warm and comfortable. I would also have added books into this post, but that isn't a seasonal or a month related obsession - it's all year :)

What have you been gravitating towards more now that the Summer days are behind us? Do you have a favorite seasonal …

4 Motivating Quotes for Making Decisions

Just like everyone else, I look for inspiration online.  Whether I'm looking for project ideas, solutions to everyday problems, or for motivation - Pinterest always has suggestions.  For this post, I'm going to share some of the motivational quotes that I've used over the past few years.

(This post contains affiliated links.  Meaning that I may collect a share of the sales or other compensation from the Amazon links on this page.)

Comfort Zone:

"21 Inspiring Quotes About Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone" - This is a great site for inspiration (and where this picture above is from). I don't enjoy frequently changing plans, and when plans change last minute I'm sometimes thrown into a spiral because other day-plans have been made around said plans and the change throws everything out of whack. I'm a planner to a fault. But, sometimes I need to step out of my comfortable schedule and familiar tasks and do something new.  It's a gamble - but it does usua…