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Harry Potter - Which house do you belong in?

Consider this a heads-up.  This is a Harry Potter related post.  I'm a fan, a late-to-the-party fan, but a fan all the same. I didn't grow-up reading the novels, or watching the movies.  All of my Harry Potter experience is from adulthood.

(This post contains affiliated links.  Meaning that I may collect a share of the sales or other compensation from the Amazon links on this page.)

I'm since read all of the novels (bought the pretty box set to display on my bookshelf), watched the movies, collected some display items and puzzles, and visited Universal Studios in Florida. All of my Harry Potter, Universal Studios, park pictures have one thing in common - I'm holding a delicious, frozen butterbeer!

**Teaser**  This trip will be featured in a future post.
To start, which house have you been sorted into by the Pottermore website?  I'm a Slytherin. Although, I've retaken the quiz, because this sorting was from a few years ago, and I was sorted into a different house…

Organization - The "hows", the "whys" and my tools of the trade

My life is busy - well, I consider it to be that way.  I work full time (regular business hours), take a university course per semester (working towards my degree), help run a household/take care of pets, keep up with family/friends/hobbies, book club, and now I've started this blog.  And, that's just the scheduled things, not the pop-up events that appear throughout the year.  Keeping up with all of the demands can be daunting, but it can be done with a little organization.

This post will note include my work schedule and meetings due to the confidential nature of my work duties. Only my "after regular business hours" life.

My tools of the trade are as follows: 
- Planner (this years planner is a Bando planner)
- a fun notebook (Chapters)
- the calendar app in my cell phone
- an assortment of colorful pens (Chapters or Michaels Crafts?).

This is my first time both purchasing a planner, and using a planner, since high school. And, while I've slacked off usin…

Kiwanis National Peace Park

Conception Bay South has been working on projects to benefit their town's health - getting them out and moving if you will. The new stadium has a free indoor walking track, most of the old rail bed has been converted to a graded walking trail, and the Kiwanis national peace park is currently being created/greatly updated.  The new walking trail is only part of the a memorial park, and it can be seen from Peace Keepers Way highway.

The Telegram wrote an article of history of this land where the Kiwanis resides and it's importance back in March.

The trail is nicely groomed and leashed pet friendly. So far, it is about 3.7 km (total length) with more trail being developed.  There are several signs and trash bins along to trail for use - and to encourage the lazy people (yes, I went there - L A Z Y) to actually pick up after their dogs to keep the trail nice for all users.  This is a nice touch, because I really don't like carrying my dogs 'presents' for longer than I h…

Burgoynes Cove - Plane Crash Mar 1953

This.  This is an AMAZING site to see.  There is a poorly marked hike up the side of a mountain to get to the plane crash - but it is well worth it. Pictured here is the memorial for the lives lost when this plane crashed.

Here is a link for more information.  This is the FIRST crash of stormy March day.

I first found out about the Burgoynes Cove plane crash about 10 years ago. It was featured in a copy of the local newspaper (The Telegram - online article is no longer available), that was sitting on the lunchroom table. I nabbed the article for future use - because this was something that I needed to see and I knew that my hubby would be totally interested in a hike like this.

The cockpit was burned into aluminum ash and is not present to view.  But, you can see where it hit further into the woods, and that area has been reclaimed by Mother Nature.  The rest of the plane - the cabin, wings, electrical panels, and wheels are all view-able and in amazing condition (VERY little graffiti…

Abandoned - Trinity Train Loop

Road trip to the Trinity Train Loop.

This is an abandoned family park that I had visited when I was a kid, and a few times as an adult after it closed. From my childhood I remember the train, the train tracks, the Ferris wheel, the mini golf, and the bummer boats (I was not allowed to go on the bummer boats). Trinity is about a 3 hour drive from St. John's.

Now that you have a happy little image of the park, here is what it looks like now:

The park took a huge hit with Hurricane Igor.  And a majority of the tracks, the parts that not have been reclaimed by nature, were washed out.  As in, I can stand under the track, put my arms in the air, and *just* reach the track above my head.

The cabins, trains, petting zoo, and other buildings have all been destroyed but vandals. The copper has been pulled from the walls, and signs have been tossed into the pond.  How's that for a shot right to the childhood?

The Ferris Wheel had a mean lean on it when we visited back in May.  And, sadl…

What to expect with this blog

The sun is out, and I'm feeling good. How about you?

With this post, I thought that I would give you a general idea of what to expect with this blog - to give you an idea of the type of content that I will be posting about.

In the warmer months, you can expect to see:
Travel (local and an international trip)DIY's that involve being outside/Summer projectsChallengesSummer/Fall lifestyle topics that interest meLocal eventsFood (light, Summery, quick, local food, etc).  Pack Ice, Belleview Beach, NL (2017)

In the colder months, you can expect to see:
Craft fairsHoliday/upcoming eventsDIY's that involve being insideFood (warm, hearty home-made meals, work lunch prep, etc.)Whatever I can post about that doesn't involve me going outside and experiencing the cold, Winter weather (lol). 
In addition to all this, I do also have a few guest post features that are in the works of finalization that will be posted throughout this blog.

I am also working on a book club with my dear fr…

Happy Friday 13th!

Yay - It's Friday 13th!

Do you find that your luck changes based on the ol'wives tales for Friday 13th?  I don't.  But - I am a HUGE horror movie fan.  If I wasn't working today in the office, I would be wearing my Camp Clearwater t-shirt from a Horror Block (makers of Nerd Block) that I received a 1-2 years ago.  If you're interested in blind boxes, I would highly recommend giving one of the Nerd Block options a try when they get started again. I had no idea they stopped producing boxes last year! I've built up most of my horror movie t-shirts from the Horror Block that they previously offered.

Source: MittenUnitted
The Friday the 13th franchise has been considerably successful as a slasher film.  The movie releases span over almost 30 years, there are novel adaptations (none of which I've read), comics, merchandise, and Jason has been featured in many of the Universal Studios Haunted Horror Nights events. The year that we were in Florida when this event w…

Why I Stopped Putting Sugar In My Coffee

As an avid coffee drinker, I use to dress up my beverage with both milk and sugar (2 teaspoons).  It was like a little treat in my over-sized mug that I indulged in a few times a day. This has changed recently as I am trying to eat better and become healthier. The milk in my coffee is skim or 0.5, and the sugar got a kick to the curb.

I didn't start this change on my own - I was quite happy with my little sugary coffee.  This change started with a challenge that my co-workers had taken on themselves, that I had piggybacked on. The challenge was to give something up in your diet for 30 days. Mine was sugar in my coffee.  Doing this challenge with friends kept me accountable, which is something that I greatly needed to break away from this habit.

Picture source:
To be honest, a month after the challenge has ended, I don't miss the sugar.  The important part is still in my cup - the delicious, pipping hot coffee. It's been two months, and I won't be going b…

Abandoned - Hamilton Banker

Our road trip to Colliers did not disappoint. We're always on the hunt for abandoned, but view-able, sites - and this is one of them.  Here is the shipwrecked Hamilton Banker. It can be seen docked in Colliers, lopsided, and sitting on rocks in a shallow area. There is no hiking required, and you can drive your car right up to the boat itself. Colliers is about a 50 min drive from St. John's.
This is my picture from last year's visit:

This is a ship that sunk and was re-floated in June 2006. According to CBC, "The Hamilton Banker was built in Norway in 1977, and was refurbished in Newfoundland in 1987. It has been owned by a number of companies over the years, most recently by a consortium that includes a Labrador Inuit organization."
We viewed the Hamilton Banker from a safe distance (note: I have a tendency to fall into shallow bodies of water).  You can walk right up next to the ship and see that it is heavily damaged from fire and sinking. 
When we, my husband an…

Plastic Free July

Towards the end of June I started seeing "Plastic Free July" posts. With the talk recently about the straws creating environmental problems, in addition to the other plastic waste problems, I guess that this is the new approach to the old problem.  I love animals - so, their environment is important to me.

Here is where you can read more about this challenge:

We recycle most of what we can in our home.  But, the TWO reusable bag collections that I have (conveniently stuffed into other reusable bags for storage - because that is how I was taught to store bags by the generations before me) in separate ends of my house bug me.  They collect dust and fur, and I don't want to use them because of this. For real, one of those bag collections has been sitting in my laundry room for 5 years - unmoved and unused.  I'm pretty sure that I've collected a whole dogs worth of fur on and in this stack.

I'm a woman of lists.  And tackling thes…