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Rewind Tour - 2018

We've been having a few throwback tours hitting the island in the past few years.  This year's tour being The Rewind Tour - and it didn't disappoint!

I'll take this post back to last year when we attended the first throwback tour - I Love The 90's tour.  This concert was amazing!  Heading the show was Salt-n-Peppa. And other acts included Rob Base, Color Me Badd, All-4-One, one member of the C&C Music Factory, Biz Markie and Young MC. The attending crowd could be spotted around the town quite easily before and after the concert as most concert-goers were dawning neon from head to toe, crimped big hair, and other 90's fashions.

While the music was fantastic at the I Love The 90's tour, I was disappointed that there was no merchandise for sale. I believe here is where I raise my hand and admit that I have a concert t-shirt collection, right?  I had my heart set on adding a Salt-N-Peppa t-shirt to my collection.

Well, this year, the concert folks learned and were prepared.  I'm now the proud owner of an Aqua t-shirt. Score!

Fair warning, I didn't have my big camera on hand, so these are cellphone camera pic's.

The Rewind Tour's head liner was Aqua!  I love this group, and fondly remember when our neighbours got the CD.  We use to listen to it on the deck, in the summer sun, while painting our nails with scented nail polish.

Leading up to the main act was Whigfield and Prozzak.

I know only a few songs by Whigfield, Saturday Night & Sexy Eyes (these two songs play at most dances/receptions over the past 20 years).  She sang them both, and a few others.  I did duck out on her last song to get ahead of the merchandise line, which worked out perfectly because I was able to walk right up to the table and didn't need to stand in line. This was a surprise because the line before the show was super long and rounded the corner (100 people or so at minimum).

I remember watching Prozzak's cartoon-style music video's on YTV's Hit List as a young pre-teen/early teen.  I didn't have their CD, but I knew their music.  It was great to see them preform live. My hubby and a friend knew more of their music than I did.

There is something about going to live concerts that is energizing.  We don't get many concerts here on the island, which is a little sad.  Although, I'm looking forward to (hopefully) another 90's concert next year.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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