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Last year my hubby and I discovered Geocaching.  I can hear the questions now - What is Geocaching?  It's looking for hidden containers using the Geocaching app on your phone (connects to phones location).  That's right.  You're looking for Tupperware (usually, but can be other containers - see pic below) in the woods using your expensive Smartphone.  It's so much fun and it brings you to locations that you typically wouldn't visit.  And, the Geocachers are a bunch of potterheads - so the terms used in the geocache comments include "muggle", meaning non-geocachers (people) and "preforming magic" meaning locating/retrieving the geocache.

(This post contains affiliated links.  Meaning that I may collect a share of the sales or other compensation from the Amazon links on this page with no extra cost to you.)

This cartridge container was the only one like this that we found.  It was well hidden from muggle view, but a relativity easy find with the geocache instructions. Due to the rules of Geochaching, I can't say where this find is. 😎

Other finds can be nano and micro's - like pictured here. These are also called Bison Tubes, and you can get non-Geocache issued tubes on Amazon. These are typically hanging from somewhere high or low (think in trees, on guardrails, or on bridges).

This one in particular is an official Geocache container which was purchased from the official website.  While there are a large number of these around, we usually see the lock-n-lock containers from the dollar store hidden.

Inside the large geocaches are trade-able toys/trinkets/and other small things. The general idea is that you leave something of the same value as what you take. I visit the local thrift store and pick up the mixed small toy bags for $3 for trading, and usually pick-up something small enough for a collector frame. Oh!  And in the larger geocaches sometimes you'll find trackables (purchased tracking devises that you move around from location to location).  They come in all shapes and sizes - like bugs, coins, dog-tags, etc. And they have instructions on them if you find one.

In the smaller geocaches are just a roll of paper for signing/dating.

Believe it or not, geocaches are EVERYWHERE!  To give you an idea of where things have been hidden: 
Historic sites ✔
Playgrounds ✔
Abandoned places ✔
Hiking trails ✔
Schools/Universities ✔
Waterfalls ✔
Beaches ✔
Signs ✔

We have a Geocaching kit that we travel with when we geocache.  In this kit we keep: Pen(s), trade toys, ziplock baggies (in case we find a wet geocache that could use some care), back-up chargers for the phones and any empty containers that we have. We've replaced a container while searching as it got chopped on by a tree clearing machine.  Luckily, the items inside were tossed close by and not demolished as well. We keep all of this in a backpack.

One even brought us to a farm with horses, llamas and a BOARDER COLLIE (OMFG).  Background info: my childhood dog was a Boarder Collie.  Once again, I can't say where specifically this is, but the comments talk about a friendly dog in the area (hint).  This one, I believe, was set-up by the people who own this farm, based on the comments for this geocache.

If your looking for a cheap date activity, a day out with friends, or the if you have the need to explore I would highly recommend Geocaching. The best part about geocaching for me has to be getting out of the house and doing something fun with my hubby.  He's great for reaching the high geocaches and going into bushes where the bugs live.

Have you heard of Geocaching before?  Have you been Geocaching?  Do you have any interesting places that are a must-see?

Later Days,


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